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PARENTS: Please note that all policies listed below have been put in place because of our commitment to train serious athletes, and because of our desire to build an atmosphere of respect, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork amongst all of our members.


According to the North County Region, anyone caught consuming alcohol on or off site during a tournament will be asked to leave the playing site or area immediately. Participants violating this policy will be suspended for a minimum of one playing season starting from the date of the infraction.


*  All MVA athletes are expected to behave in a responsible manner. Determination of what is responsible lies solely with MVA.

*  An athlete with delinquent account during the current season may be denied the privilege of playing in a tournament and/or asked to sit out at practice until

    the account is paid according to payment schedule provided at tryout or until arrangements are made with the Club Director.

*  An athlete’s current season’s account must be paid in full before the athlete will be allowed to participate in the up coming tournament.
*  Any athlete damaging equipment owned by MVA or any facility used by MVA during practices, tournaments or other functions, or at lodging facilities, or in

    transportation vehicles, will be required to reimburse MVA and/or facility for the damages before continuing in the club. In some circumstances, the athlete

    may be dismissed from the Club.

*  No athlete will be allowed to participate during the current season if fees from last year are unpaid.

*  Club fees may be paid in one of the following ways:

               - In full at the tryouts

               - For Elite teams, 1st check down payment and post dated checks for remainder as listed under Payment Schedule provided at tryouts.

               - For Select teams, 1st check down payment and post dated checks for remainder as listed under Payment Schedule provided at tryouts.

               - For Club team, 1st check down payment and post dated checks for remainder as listed under Payment Schedule provided at tryouts.

               - A payment plan may need to be arranged for special circumstances. This can be done by contacting Quang at 612-723-1613 and making other

                 arrangements or email at Info4mva@gmail.com.

*  Payments can be mailed to: MVA Admin. – 11359 Hastings Street NE, Blaine, MN 55449. Do not give payments to coaches. Please only mail checks (no

    cash) and write checks to MVA. If other methods of payments are involved, please make arrangement with Quang Vo, Director.

*  Travel Expenses – Expenses may be altered as actual costs dictate. Club fees do not include cost of transportation to and from tournaments. The fees do

    include: tournament entry fees, lodging, vans (for national tournament events), coaching expenses and chaperone expenses. Travel costs are borne by all 

    roster team members regardless of participation in the travel event.

    Once an athlete commits to our program, there will be no refund on any fees paid to our program. All fees for trainings, camps, or tryouts are non-


Players and parents are expected to view the club website, team Facebook page, texts and e-mails regularly for team and club-wide updates. 


  • 1st step - If a concern arises, please have that player discuss her concern with her coach by scheduling a time that is 24 hours after the event or tournament ends. If a player is too emotional to discuss the problem in a productive manner, the conversation should be delayed until she is ready to do so.
  • 2nd step - If we are unable to resolve the concern after the player has discussed with her coach (or has taken the 1st step) at the scheduled time, the player & player’s parent may contact her coach to schedule an off-court meeting with the coach & Director. (This meeting is not to be scheduled during practice or during tournament days).​
  • Under NO circumstances DURING practices, matches, tournaments, or other club activities is a coach, club director, or any other club personnel to be approached or confront, receive text or instant message, or any method of contacts with a complaint from a parent. Violations by parents in this regard may result in loss of playing time or dismissal from the club with no refund of dues or fees.

All MVA players and parents are expected to show respect towards ALL coaches, teammates, other teams, officials, and other parents at ALL times.


Should a situation arise in which the discipline of an athlete needs to be addressed, we may choose to take disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions can include loss of playing time, or in severe situations, dismissal from the club with no refund of dues or fees.

Parental dedication and support is every bit as important to the success of a player as the dedication expected of a player as an athlete. Support is critical to a players’ successes include attending occasional practices, being on time, notification of any schedule conflicts well in advance, acquiring and outfitting the necessary practice clothing, kneepads, shoes, and socks, etc. Parents can also assist by carpooling to and from practices and making sure that their children carry proper snacks to tournaments.

Additionally, parents play critical roles in promoting positive attitudes with the players. We also love when parents sit together as a group to cheer, jump up and down, and encourage the team during tournaments. We encourage parents to “Lead by Example” so when parents sit together, so do the players.

Also, please avoid being critical of individual players, the coach, or the team when things go wrong. Coaches, players, and the entire team work very hard and sometimes the one negative comment that is made, is the one that a person is remembered for having said for the rest of the season.


All coaches and players are required by the North Country Region to attend an officiating clinic. Details can be found at
here. Instructions and link to online officiating clinic will be available by November 1st, please see NCR site here.

Parents should be informed about USAV rules and the difference in rules from high school/middle school to JO club.

MVA’s philosophy is that players earn playing time throughout the season and they develop skills primarily during practice through on court instruction, training, and volleyball homework. Playing time at tournaments will likely NOT be EQUAL and is NOT GUARUANTEED. Additional playing time information can be found in the Player Handbook.


* On occasion a coach may not be able to attend practice or tournament, a substitute coach will be provided or the practice time will be re-scheduled.

* Players should plan all activities around their practice and tournament schedules.

* Please submit a list of any possible conflicts to the coach as soon as you know them.

* Tournament schedules are usually available the Wednesday prior to the event for most clubs. Schedules will be communicated to you via Facebook or  

   email or other methods of communication as soon as they are available.



              *  Fulfilling tournament duties -

                        ->Plan on all tournaments being full-day events.
                        ->Players shall attend all tournaments from the start to the teams finish. This includes officiating duties.
                        ->When a team has these duties, the ENTIRE team must stay and work until the match is completed. DO NOT ask to leave early!!!

              *  Making arrangements for travel tournaments –
                        ->MVA will reserve a block of rooms and send an email with information about making reservations. Parents are responsible for transporting    

                            and monitoring their children during tournaments.
                        ->If a parent cannot attend, he/she (not the coach) will be responsible for making arrangements for his or her child to stay with and be

                           monitored by another parent.
              *  Support for entire club at tournaments –
                        ->When not playing or officiating, we will support other MVA teams if they are playing at the same location.

              *  Attending practices –
                        ->Athletes are expected to attend all practices, and arrive early enough to be dressed and completely ready physically and mentally prepared

                           for practice. Only an illness serious enough to keep the athlete home from school or a genuine family emergency is a legitimate excuse for

                           missing practice. Regardless of the reason, if an athlete misses an excessive number of practices, her playing time may decrease.
                       ->If practice is cancelled due to weather conditions, all parents will receive an email or other forms of communications such as texting, phone,

                           or team Facebook posting.
                       ->If an athlete cannot be at practice, the athlete is expected to call the coach a minimum of 24 hours in advance. It is the athlete’s responsibility

                           (not the parent’s) to reach the coach before practice starts.This will allow the coach to adjust the team’s practice plan accordingly.
                       ->Parents need to understand that they play a critical role in having the athlete comply with attendance policies.

             *  Cleaning up after practices –
                       ->Players are responsible for cleaning up any trash left from their team after practice.
                       ->Players shall also assist in taking down the nets and putting balls in the carts if they are the last team to practice.


Parent's support and dedication is critical to the development and improvement of a player's physical condition. MVA Program will have conditioning homework for all players and it is recommended that all players do their homework. It is highly recommended for a player playing at the ELITE level to do homework. Parents are asked to provide support and encouragement with homework.