minnesota volleyball academy


ParentsYou are a big part of your daughter’s success and you have a direct impact on the experience your daughter will have playing volleyball with MVA.

Please honor the following code of conduct and remember to be respectful to each other!

          *  Make sure your daughter knows that win or lose, you love her, appreciate her efforts and are not disappointed in her. This will allow

               your daughter to do her best without a fear of failure.

          *  Be helpful but don’t coach your daughter on the way to the court, or on the way home. It’s tough not to, but it’s a lot tougher for your

               child to be inundated with advice, pep talks, and often critical instruction.

          *  Don’t compete with the coach(es).Let the coach(es) coach. Please keep comments positive, encouraging and not directive. No coaching

               from the parent sideline.

          *  Referees are our children. Contrary to popular belief, most are really trying to do a good job. If you don't have something nice to say to

              them, there is no need to say anything at all.

          *  The expectation is that players will be at all practices and games. Please have your daughter there on time and picked up on time.

          *  Players are expected to do their homework so encourage your child to do homework as often as recommended. 

          *  Absences - Please let the coach(es) know about an absence as soon as you are aware.

          *  If you as a parent or your daughter as a club member have a question or concern about MVA Club policies or actions, the procedures are

               as follows (Please refer to Parent Handbook for details):
                                    First, get the facts, then wait 24 hours then,
                                         ->After the 24 hours rule - Please have your daughter speak or meet with her coach about the matter.
                                         ->If the matter remains unresolved, or your daughter has reasonable concern that speaking to the coach will not

                                              resolve the matter, the parent should speak or meet with the coach (meeting times are usually before or after                                                         practice and at locations other than tournaments).
                                         ->If the matter remains unresolved – the parent may take the next step to arrange a meeting with the parent, the

                                              player, coach(es), and the Club Director. Club Director will not engage in discussions about coaching decisions!