minnesota volleyball academy

Oanh Vo - Administrative Manager

Tex Cuabo – Coach

Welcome to MVA! ​Tex has played, coached, and promoted volleyball within the Twin Cities for over 30 years.  Tex has played volleyball in Junior High, High School, Club Volleyball (UC-Davis), US Air Force unit and base volleyball teams (Osan AB, Korea), adult volleyball leagues in Twin Cities. For the past five years and currently, he is the Head Volleyball Coach at Spectrum High School in Elk River. He has coached for various age groups within the past 9 years with JO clubs such as Crossfire, Club Velocity, and Youth Development volleyball (Rogers Youth Volleyball Director). Throughout his years as a volleyball player and a coach, he wanted to pass on his love for the game of volleyball to younger athletes. For this reason, he has been promoting volleyball for seven years through his involvement with the Rogers Setters Club (Rogers High School Volleyball Booster Board) and Rogers Area Youth Volleyball. Searching for ways to continue promoting volleyball led Tex to High Performance Athletes (HP Athletes). HP Athletes unique training program and HPA coaches has sparked his passion. HP Athletes program in combination with MVA’s Vision and Mission became a vehicle to propel his energy and commitment to promoting volleyball in the community. Tex became a part of the HP Athletes coaching team.  In 2016-2017 JO Season Tex lead MVA 18 Elite to qualifying for GJNC in Dallas.  Tex’s experiences and extreme knowledge of volleyball makes him an invaluable asset to the program. Tex is a certified USAV CAP Level I. Tex looks forward to an exciting 2nd year with MVA in 2017-2018 season.

Kee C. Yang - Coach

Kee (aka Chip) played competitive volleyball for well over 10 years. He has competed in sand leagues, indoor and outdoor tournaments. In 2013 to 2016 Kee was the Varsity Assistant Coach and Junior Varsity Head Coach at Community of Peace Academy. In 2015-2016 Kee was the Head Coach for MVA 13 Elite which finished top 4 in the Region and he was the Head Coach for MVA 14 Black. In 2016 Kee became a part of HP Athletes coaching team. Kee was the Head Coach for HP Athletes 2016 Fall League. In 2016 and 2017 he lead his MVA 13s to take 1st place at Rochester Odd Cup. Coach Kee’s philosophy is to be better today than you were yesterday! This will be coach Kee’s 2nd year with MVA..  

Mike Domeier - Coach

The 2017-2018 year Mike joined MVA coaching staff after many years of coaching as a head coach for the high schools and for other JO clubs on the South end of Minnesota.  

Mike Hoang - Coach

Welcome Mike to MVA! Mike played competitive volleyball for over 10 years ranging from Men’s 6’s & 4’s, Co-Ed, Co-Ed 4’s and Reverse Co-Ed 4’s. Mike began playing volleyball as an outside hitter, then transitioned to defensive specialist, and currently plays as a setter. Mike was the assistant Head Coach at Elk River for 1 year. Mike heard about MVA’s highly competitive athletic program in building an Elite JO club where players are pushed to be the best they can be through performance and volleyball IQ. Mike was attracted to MVA’s Mission and continuous dedication to developing highly competitive athletes by pushing them to strive to perform at their best. Mike was drawn to the coaching team philosophy of skills development through intense “hands-on” skills training and less “talk” approach.  Mike became a part of MVA coaching team in 2016-2017 JO Season. Mike’s enthusiasm and energetic qualities will make this an exciting 2nd season and he looks forward to be a part of MVA coaching team for 2017-2018 JO Season. While Mike is not coaching, for the past season and this coming season, Mike has been busing focusing on his second bachelor's degree in nursing. He is expected to graduate in September of 2018. We look forward to Mike finishing his degree.  

Quang Vo - Founder & Director

Quang has trained youth and adult volleyball players for over 30 years at clubs such as Northern Lights, Club Tonka, MN Vantage, Blaine Juniors and Wicked Moose. Quang started playing volleyball at the age of 14. By age 17 he was traveling with his Vietnamese team throughout the United States and Canada competing in the North American Games. He went on to play USVBA at the A-AA levels and spent his college years on the University of Minnesota Men’s Big 10 Club Gold Team as an outside hitter and defensive specialist.  Over his 20 years, he has been involved as a lead coach at national volleyball combines, elite player clinics, and camps in Minnesota. He also served as a head coach for the University of Minnesota Men's and Women's Vietnamese teams. Among Quang's many accomplishments over his 20 years of coaching was the success he achieved with his 18s teams from Club Tonka and Northern Lights. Nine of his twenty players went on to receive D1 and D2 volleyball scholarships. During the 2012 and 2013 JO seasons, Quang brought his Blaine 16-1 and Wicked Moose 12-1 teams to 11 championship matches. Both teams had a combined winning total of 9 Championship matches including 1st in Gold for Wicked Moose 12-1 and 2nd in Gold for Blaine 16-1 at the MN President's Day Festival. Additionally, his 12s took 4th at the Northern Lights Qualifier in the National Division. In 2012 Quang Launched High Performance (HP) Athletes, private coaching for Elite Athletes of MN both in cycling and Volleyball. Within one year 99% of his business was volleyball training and he had achieved great success with his athletes at all ages from many HS & JO Clubs. In 2014 JO season he directed and coached for Minnesota Volleyball Academy (MVA) in the North Metro Area, a newly launched Junior Olympic volleyball program supported by HP Athletes' coaches. In addition to HP Athletes and MVA, Quang provided training/coaching support to Club Tonka during the 2014 JO season. Quang's love for the game of volleyball is apparent by the energy and dedication he brings to the court. He is extremely knowledgeable about the game of volleyball and loves teaching young players how to be successful on and off the court. 

In 2013-2014 Quang was the head coach for two teams: MVA 13 Elite and MVA 14 Elite. Quang brought his MVA 13 Elite to 9 championship matches at some of the following events: January Thaw, President's Day Festival, Odd Cup, Regional Bid, NCR Championship, Rochester Cup, and many more. His MVA 13 Elite also qualified for USAV GJNC competing at National Division which took place the Minneapolis Convention Center, MN.

In 2014-2015 Quang also brought his MVA 14 Elite to 7 championship matches at some of the following events:  Club 43, Frostbite, 'Sota Slam, Luck of the Irish, M1, Panther Challenge, etc...  They ended their season taking 5 first places and MVA 14 Elite participated in the Girls Junior National Championships in New Orleans, LA.  Quang also brought his MVA 16 Elite to ASICS National Championships in Chicago, IL, where they finished 3rd.

In 2015-2016 season Quang brought his MVA 15 Elite and MVA 17 Elite to compete in the Girls Junior National Championships in Indianapolis, NE. More updates on how our team has progressed over the years are in the News & Events and Photo Gallery by year.

Justin Vue - Coach

The 2017-2018 year will be Justin's second-year as part of MVA coaching team and he is very excited to be able to work alongside Quang and to work with MVA players.