minnesota volleyball academy

​MVA is committed to teaching the innovative principle of the Five Pillars of an Elite Athlete: Mental, Physical, Technical, Nutritional, & Tactical. MVA is committed to the principles of Education, Training, and Development.  MVA strive to empower our athletes with a commitment for developing leadership, good sportsmanship, and excellence in athletic performance in competition and in the community.  We believe in the Principles of Professionalism; Advocacy; Continuous Improvement; Health and Well Being; Trust and Honesty; Respect; Quality; Communication; Commitment; Service; Safety; Excellence; Integrity; Leadership and Vision. 

MVA is dedicated in creating a highly competitive athletic program in the northern region and in the country that:
*  Develops
excellence in athletic performance attained through fundamental skills training, setting high

     expectations, and competition.

* ​ Develops young athletes using the innovative principle of the Five Pillars of an Elite Athlete.

*  Develops good sportsmanship emphasized through demonstrating positive attitude and respect towards            

    teammates, coaches, opponents, officials, and others.

*  ​Promotes teaching life lessons through sports by providing a safe and nurturing environment with MVA family for       developing athletes tomature on the court and off the court through life's challenges and providing opportunities

    to develop leadership skills.

*  Promotes "passion" for the game of volleyball in three levels by improving oneself, teammates, and the game as a


*  Promotes High Performance (HP) Athletes through education, developmental growth, and performance training

    based on the foundation of sports development continuum performance.

*  Promotes athletes who aspire to perform at the highest personal performance level they possibly can attain and

    ultimately to reach theElite Level of the sport.

*  Promote respect for all, strong family values, positive sportsmanship, and individual improvement in combination

    with performance for the best interests of the team.

Our vision

Our Mission