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We are located in BLAINE and surrounding areas: Anoka, Arden Hills, Champlin, Coon Rapids, Fridley, Ham Lake, Mounds View, Shoreview.


Before I came to MVA I was looking for a new club that took volleyball seriously and had great training. My mom found the MVA website and we decided to check it out. On the very first open gym I found that the training was beneficial and fun! I felt like I improved in just one session so I decided to tryout. Throughout the season I got to work with the experienced coaching staff. MVA finds a way to push you while you still have fun at every practice. My whole team improved throughout the year. Not only did I improve, but I also gained a greater passion for volleyball. MVA focuses on making you a well-rounded athlete. After my first season at this club I was able to make the jump from b-squad to varsity at Centennial High School. Something unique about this club is that they focus on your high school season all year long. They work hard to prepare you for high school season so that you can come back and surprise your school with improvement. After my high school season, I came back to MVA. My experience was great! MVA is like a family so I got to know my teammates, parents, and coaches very well. I also felt like I improved a considerable amount. That winter, I started to decide between the colleges that I wanted to play at. In March I made the decision to commit to the University of North Dakota. I believe that MVA is what helped me get to that point! The coaches worked hard with me and if I had questions they would dedicate their time to help me improve on that skill. When I wasn't at MVA practices, I trained with high performance volleyball (HP) which is also run by Quang and the MVA coaches. At HP sessions, I learned how to work on technical skills. Throughout that season, my entire team was able to improve so that we could strongly return to our high school teams. I continue to believe that MVA has great trainings and they focus not just on volleyball, but also being mentally and physically healthy, as well as treating your teammates like family. 

Kelly Wahl  - player - 12th grade Centennial HS 
Updated March 2017

​My first 2 volleyball seasons I played with a local volleyball club when I was 12 and 13. We had a decent team as we would be in the gold bracket of local tournaments and we had a ton of fun playing with each other. The nice things about this team was most of the same girls played together for 2 years. But we did not really get serious until towards the end of our second year. We thought we were really good because we were winning a lot until we met a team called MVA 13 Elite in Rochester. We beat everyone and made it to the quarterfinals facing MVA 13 ELITE for the 1st time. We were defeated by MVA 13 Elite as they were a very skillful and a highly competitive team coached by Quang Vo. I learned that MVA is next door to us in Champlin. My friends and I decided that we would like to train with more experienced coaches and players. A group of us started to train with HP Athletes the summer of 2014 and competed in the Fall League. We finished 1st and continued to train with HP Athletes to prepare for JO tryouts. My friends and I decided to try out for MVA. All of us made a team and we were so excited to play for the same club! The difference between MVA and my former club is that each girl sets a goal and commits to their goal. We have volleyball homework which we were accountable for and for the 1st time in our volleyball career we really worked hard. My friends made a different MVA team and I made MVA 15 Elite. All of the teams did really well and we were pretty happy! At the end of the season I got invited to play with MVA 15 Select to compete in the Rochester Cup Tourney 16s National Division. Wow! We went undefeated! ONE big trophy for the team and each of us got a trophy too. The season ended but my friends on MVA 14 Elite went to nationals in New Orleans. I saw my friends were still training for Nationals and that motivated me to continue to train with HP Athletes because I really wanted to make upper team as a 9th grader. I really love going to HP training because it is much more fun to train with the girls who are so motivated to compete and they really helped me to stay focus too. In addition, I trained with Tornado Force through my high school and I got invited to train with varsity girls by the head coach and I continued to train throughout the summer. I am very happy because I was on the roster for JV and Varsity as a freshman. I quickly became a starter and played full time with JV and also got to play the last few points of the varsity game. I was so pumped that I get to score the last point by hitting a quick back set C.  That sums up my experience with volleyball, MVA and HP Athletes. I’ve come a long way from where I started, and I’m proud to have made an upperclassmen team as a freshman. I want to thank everyone who cheered for me and have been so supportive of me within MVA and HP Athletes. It’s taken a lot of hard work and devotion but I’m so glad I did it. I am excited to continue my quest and work hard. Thank you Quang Vo! 

Carlie Burandt – player – 9th grade Anoka HS

To Quang and the MVA coaching staff: As new parents and daughter coming from a different program I wanted to congratulate you on making this new experience for my daughter one of the most exciting times in her life.  I still go back to the Rochester Tourney last year and my daughter was playing for another club and we were watching the MVA team play and this is exactly what she said to me, "Dad, I want to play for that team next year".  My daughter started August 2014 with Quang and the HP training and after the first night she told me I love the intensive training, it’s hard but she enjoyed every minute of it and was welcomed with open arms.  From my perspective I can see the desire from the coaching staff to not only train and form these girls into better volleyball players but what it takes as a team and how each position on the court has to work together in sync to be successful as a team.  I have seen my daughter grow not only physically as a VB player but mentally in her attitude on and off the court and that comes from coaching and the expectations needed to be a top organization.  I have to also praise the players as she has bonded quickly with them and this is so important as a team working hard together and having fun doing it.  This type of team reflects the parents and the way the girls have grown up.  They are humble in there growth towards each other and constantly pick each other up and congratulating them on their successes.  As a coach myself it’s hard to do when you have 10-12 different personalities and experienced coaching is key here. Lastly to you Quang, I love the enthusiasm you bring to the players and parents in all facets of the MVA program; it’s led by example and desire to push yourself beyond what you ever imagined you could be.  This is what our girls will learn as a life lesson to understand if you work hard enough for something it’s reachable.  To the players, represent MVA in the highest respect on and off the court, this is your club, your team, and I know from all the parents we are proud of you and the coaching staff in this short time we have been together! 

Tom and Shannon - parents - Andover MN


I want to thank Quang & the MVA Family for making such a huge impact on our daughter and her volleyball career. We came to MVA by chance the first year there was a club team. We were stunned by the level of training that the girls at MVA experience. All the coaches have a strong background as leaders and they all play or have played on highly competitive teams. They lead and coach as a family so all girls & teams benefit from experts in all positions. We are especially impressed with the level of sportsmanship expected from all the girls and their families. They are taught to train hard and succeed through hard work & dedication to the team.  In addition to the MVA club teams they also offer High Performance training for those girls willing to push themselves to the next level of play.  Our daughter went from sitting on the bench on her JV High School team to starting and playing all around the very next year on Varsity. That is a testament to the level of training and support she receives from her MVA family & HP trainers!!!

Steve and Charlotte - parents - St. Paul MN 


Our daughter has improved and excelled in volleyball because of her experience with High Performance (HP) training and from being a part of Minnesota Volleyball Academy (MVA). She went from being on the 9A team last year, to being a starter on varsity this year as a 10th grader. Her coach stated, "Wow! You have improved so much this off-season! You have come into the pre-season and played with confidence and handled the jump to varsity very well." We attribute this success to Quang Vo and his excellent coaching staff at HP & MVA.  One of the unique things about this club is the coaches’ enthusiasm and passion for volleyball, as well as their great skill and expertise for the sport. The coaches work together with all the players regardless of their team, and the girls benefit from the variety of coaches and their individual skill sets. Another thing that impressed us with Quang Vo and MVA is they not only focus on the skills of the game, but also on it's mental, physical, technical, nutritional, and tactical aspects. These skills are not only important for volleyball but are also essential in life. Quang attracts players who are self-motivated and want to perform at an elite level. Our daughter has found a perfect fit within the HP and MVA family!!


Lalo and Kari - parents - Champlin MN




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